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Sunday, May 29

A life more abundant

God calls us into life. At some point we get purchased by God and actually become a Christian. Later, through any number of things we decide that we've been called in a deeper way than we previously realized. At this point we have to decide, "What does deeper mean?"

I think the first step at this point is to lose the shame. As christians we have a gift, Jesus sacrifice that has redeemed us. But it is a socially awkward thing. People look at us like we are crazy when we talk about it in anyway other than purely logical. So we hide it. We pray that it doesn't come up in conversation. We try to avoid the topic. Even to the extent of denying it all together when we are asked (don't worry, you aren't the first to do that). if we can get over the shame that comes along with the gospel, and truly embrace it as the good news that it is we will be well on our way to having "life more abundant."

The second step, is to really embrace knowing God in an intimate way (prayer helps with this). We have been invited into a relationship, not a religion. If we skip this step and go right into deep philosophical study, we may never recover. Intimacy with God (or Jesus) usually comes from a group (shared intimacy with other Christians) it's good, but keep your bible nearby, you don't want to embrace things that aren't true.

The third step comes from study. I know, school sucks, but this is a different kind of study. God likes to show off, and if you spend time in his word, he will surprise you with his sense of humor and attentiveness. He likes to meet your need, and he always has. In the past, you marked his desire to provide for you as Coincidence. When he has the opportunity to talk to you, he will prove that it's him and that there are no coincidences.

The fourth step, is ministry, God loves a servant heart and uses the times that we serve to show us his heart and draw us close. Don't be afraid to serve, when you get to this point, you will be called and you'll know when it's happening. It takes courage to step out, but you can do it. Rest assured, he will never ask more of you than you can give. As we become more like Jesus, we become more capable and more useful. Keep in mind that these steps don't replace the previous step, the are each in themselves a life long part of being a Christian.

He wants a deeper relationship with all of us. Ask for it and seek it, you will be amazed.

god bless you, and keep you rockin' (like you do)

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