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Sunday, May 1

Love and hate

my goal is to talk to you about love and hate, and darkness and light. these topics have been on my mind for awhile now. it seems to me that God Hates sin, and loves sinners. and though we are sinners born into darkness, we get to stand in his marvelous light. which doesn't seem to make since. when you go into your house and turn on the light, there isn't suddenly one lit spot amidst the darkness, the light completely dissipates the darkness, so that there is no darkness left. You might say that the light conquers and destroys the darkness. and this all happens in an instant. it doesn't take minutes or even seconds for the light to battle that darkness and rise to power, just "boom" light.

yet we are walking in the light in a dark world. i find this metaphor very confusing. maybe we are more like the moon... which is hidden in darkness behind the earth (lost in sin) yet when the earth finally releases its eclipse over the moon, it shines with verocity. The full moon sometimes so bright as to cast shadows at night. so, maybe we are no longer of this world when Jesus ransoms us, but we are pulled far away, so that sin can never have us again. but even though the moon is far away, it affects the tides, it reflects the light of the son, i mean sun.... and can be used for navigation, for those that are still lost, it is a beacon of what is to come. just as we are a beacon of what god can do in the life of a sinful man, (or woman) and a spark of hope to the world that slumbers in darkness.

i may be way off, i'm just kicking around metaphor "up in here." tell me what you think, if you are impressed, don't be to impressed, it took alot of work, if you are not impressed, (because i'm wrong...) be gentle i spent, (waisted) a lot of time on these ideas.

god bless you, and keep you rockin' (like you do)

p.s. what the heck does p.s. stand for?

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