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Sunday, May 1

Sloppy wet kiss

John mark McMillan wrote a song, The David crowder band made it popular because they are so very awesome, but for fear of Alienating the contemporary music genre and it's fans, they changed one line. "and heaven meets earth, like a sloppy wet kiss" became "heaven meets earth like an unforeseen kiss". Why? The average christian is afraid of being in a relationship with Jesus, because the worldly view of relationship is for lack of a better word "slutty". It's always been this way, read the old testiment, God's chosen people are always cheating on him, our "slutty relationships aren't the problem, our conviction over what we allow in our lives make us guilty, so we don't compare the two. Super expressive words like "sloppy wet kiss" paint a picture that doesn't fit into the conservative Christian worlds image of who Jesus is and how they relate to Him. What image pops into your head when you think about your relationship with Jesus? Is it a cross, or bowing before a throne, or a dude in a white robe that stands triumphantly on a cloud? Likely. He is those things, but so mich more. Is he a guy that you hang out with? Is it you and jesus chilling watching a movie, telling dumb jokes? Probably not. But why not? In the bible, Jesus was a relational guy, hanging out around a fire, reclining with friends, going to party's and weddings. Jesus was that guy, he wanted to be in a fairly intimate relationship with everyone he met. Why do we treat him like he's... Anything but. Our god longs for us, he became a man to be with us, he died on a cross to buy us, and he rose from the grave to keep us! Why are we cheating him out of what he wants by embracing rules. That's not the life more abundantly that he says he wants for us. And the phrase of that song, sloppy wet kiss, it means with out reservation or embarrassment, a fully committed expression of love and devotion.

god bless you, and keep you rockin' (like you do)

p.s. what the heck does p.s. stand for?

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