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Friday, May 6

One thing at a time

If I were to pick the main bane of mankind, I'd say it is our inability to remember whatever it is that we were just doing and apply it to what were are doing now. We as humans have a hard time remembering where we've been and the lessons that we've learned. The Jewish people throughout their history have been chosen, provided for, blessed, cursed, rescued, and then they forget who God is and grumble and it happens all over again. "we are starving god, feed your people. we are sick of mana God, give us meet. we are sick of quail God give us mana..." it's hard to hear, but that's us, we enjoy our days of being blessed and then when we are faced with a challenge we ask, "why me God?!"

My favorite character in the old testament is a prophet named Elijah. He's a great man that trust in God, sometimes. So, Elijah is in a place called mount Carmel, don't let the name fool you, it is indeed a mountain, but there is no candy there. Anyway, Elijah is there in a contest with the many (many!) prophets of Baal, (Baal is a rock.) the terms of this contest are simple, an altar will be built. then a sacrifice will be placed upon the altar. then both Baal and Yahweh (the Jewish name for God) will be called upon to light the fire to offer the sacrifice. Easy right?

Elijah encourages the Baal worshippers to go first which they do. The pray and dance for hours and while they are doing this, Elijah is teasing them. He has so much faith in God that he feels he can openly mock the prophets of Baal, (God doesn't call us to be peaceful to people who worship false gods. Just FYI) he says things to them like, "maybe he's asleep, you should pray louder", and " maybe he is indisposed, (going to the bathroom) pray louder, and dance harder" which they of course do. After many hours of this they give up, and Elijah gets his turn. Not willing to simple meet the terms of the contest, he makes it more complicated, he has a ditch dug, and the altar put inside it. Then he has the ditch filled with water (a lit of water) the wood and altar and sacrifice are fully submerged, he ask the Baal worshippers to help him do this, they do, probably laughing the whole time. The Elijah says a few simple words, and heaven opens up! A pillar of fire flings down from heaven, it burns up the water, the wood, the sacrifice, the altar, and leaves nothing but charred earth. Having won this contest, he stands in front of the awe struck Baal worshippers, and what do you think he does? He runs for his life because he has heard the Jezebel, (the ruler at the time) has order him beheaded. In a very short window of time, Elijah sees the awesome power of God, then forgets how powerful god is and runs and hides.

We all do this, we have such a hard time retaining the glory of God. Sin has stolen something from us, our attention Span. And it's getting worse every day. God help us to remember your glory.

god bless you, and keep you rockin' (like you do)

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