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Tuesday, June 7

The kiss

it always comes down to one thing, the kiss. hearts swell and burst and break, worlds collide, truths change. in a garden, the fate of man hanging in the balance, a betrayal turned the world upside down. the world would be saved, hearts would be broken, the deal would be sealed with a kiss. promises kept, a man with nothing but love, was lead to the slaughter by the symbol of love, the kiss. Judas may have thought that he was an instrument of god, he may have just wanted the money, but in his disbelief, lacking faith in the man and the god he loved, he used that symbol of the open heart, of perfect trust, of love and grace, a kiss to break the world. he didn't know that it would be healed by this betrayal, but it was. God's plan includes our ignorance and our doubt. but wouldn't it be better to love?

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