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Friday, August 26

your language

I want to speak passion, fire, love and gravity. I want to know the words that you used to make everything. I want to know what you whispered into Adam when you knelt down and breathed life into him. I want to know why you picked that particular rib to wrap eve around. I want to know your plan for man, where we've been and where we're going. I want to know what my part is in that design. I want to know your heart and know that I have a place in it. I want to spend all of my time knowing you more. I want to stand amazed by your Beauty and be swept away by the tide of your passion. I want to hear you speak, whisper, shout, groan, cry. I want to be moved by love to do something stupid but right. I want to be in love with a girl. And to know that she loves me, even if it's only for a moment. And when all that fades, the song, the dance, the fire. I want to still know that you love me. That your love never fails.

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